Highly Specialized SOKKIA Instruments Designed Specifically for


Sokkia created the ideal partner for making difficult measurements.
We want to help make your job easier—because we know it’s not easy making measurements of four-lane highways and delicate crime scenes. That’s why we’ve created the Prismless Mapper, a total station designed specifically for law enforcement applications.

Use the Prismless Mapper’s extremely narrow, visible red laser to pinpoint and accurately measure difficult positions such as small objects, edges of walls or targets located at a steep angle. In addition, the Prismless Mapper can measure through obstacles like chain-link fences and trees—something total stations with broader EDM beams cannot achieve.

This can eliminate having to enter private property when measuring remote distances. The on-board customized software for law enforcement applications makes the LEA instrument line unique. Sokkia’s instruments will shorten the time you spend processing cases. This provides you more time to do what you do best—solve cases


The Sokkia RTK Mapper provides simple and accurate mobile measurement for quick and easy mapping of crime scenes. When the RTK Mapper is paired with a Pocket PC cell phone, evidence collection can be done in real time with immediate data transfer and one person operation.

Sokkia combined accuracy and efficiency into one powerful instrument.
Getting accurate data is essential for a strong case. The longer it takes to compile the data, the more contaminated it may become. That’s why Sokkia created the LEA Remote Mapper. This instrument combines high accuracy with the ease of working efficiently through full remote control operation. All the operations can be performed from the prism position via remote control.

A single operator can turn the Remote Mapper toward the prism, perform auto-pointing and measure—all with a data collector and radio modem.* Reflectorless measurements can be taken to any object by aiming the instrument and selecting refl ectorless target mode.

With the Remote Mapper, complete and accurate data can be compiled quickly with the convenience of single-person, remote control operation. There is no waiting for a partner to drive across town or for the evidence to get contaminated.

*The Remote Mapper can be used with older data collectors designed for traditional manual surveying. Please consult with your local dealer for radio modems.