SES offers rapid turn around on all non warranty repairs.

Most repairs are done 'in house' for a flat rate including all parts and labor with a 90 day warranty.



Call 713-466-3363 for more information and pricing for the CST 100  &  200 series locators.


CST  Warranty and non warranty repairs are done 'in house' no shipping to factory.




Warranty repairs are sent to factory. Non warranty are performed 'in house'

Soft Carrying case






                           MAG SNAKE                        SEA PRO                      LOCATOR & HARD CASE

Schonstedt Instrument Company

7 year warranty

(does not cover abuse or damage)

Warranty repairs are sent to factory. Non warranty are done 'in house'


pipe locators    Magnetic Locator Tools  


 Schonstedt XT       XTpc-82 and XTpc-33 Pipe and Cable Locators  

Founded in 1953, Schonstedt Instrument Company designs and manufactures instruments for location of underground objects. Schonstedt offers both pipe & cable locators and magnetic locators. Pipe and Cable locators are used by utilities, construction and locating contractors to locate underground utilities for repair and to prevent excavation damage. Schonstedt magnetic locators are used by surveyors to find property markers; by municipal water departments to find pipes and valve boxes; and by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to find land mines and unexploded ordnance. The heart of a Schonstedt magnetic locator is the patented, extremely rugged and sensitive Heliflux magnetic sensor. The Heliflux sensor was originally developed by Schonstedt for use in satellites, many of which are still operational. Meeting the aerospace requirements for ruggedness and reliability are still an essential part of today's Schonstedt locators.