One Man Operation Robotic Total Station




1-     Bluetooth Data Collector with Bluetooth & Software of your choice.

2-    1-Hvy Duty Wood/Fiberglass Tripod,

3-    1-Robotic Prism Pole, With Data Collector Bracket,

4-    1-RC Remote with 360 Prism


Sokkia’s Fully-Tracking SRX featuring Bluetooth® Wireless Technology and RED-tech EX

The SRX from Sokkia is a fully-robotic, fully-tracking and auto-pointing robotic total station, with on-demand target reacquisition.

Sokkia’s fully-tracking SRX uses the latest robotic technology. Sokkia’s patented RED-tech EX technology offers the highest precision on all ranges of measurements.

Sokkia’s flagship Total Station has the latest technology on-board to make single-operator measuring quick, easy and accurate.

The power and familiarity of a Windows CE operating system is on-board the SRX.

Sokkia’s SRX has Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free use, making this single-operator Total Station even more convenient.

Multiple data interfaces, including USB and Compact Flash, make data in the field easy to transport back to the office.

Saving data is easier than ever before with the options of USB or compact flash.

Sokkia’s developers didn’t stop there; they also enhanced the encoder with IACS technology.

Groundbreaking new Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) provides extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability.